Can Twitter become profitable?

February 12, 2014
During the last 2 years Twitter has become silent when talking about his financial data and millions of dollars have been lost. The lack of disclosure is perfectly legal but now they have decided to go public and located within the two-thirds of tech companies that are going public this year while being unprofitable.
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Twitter is hiding 2 years of Financial data

On 2010 Twitter offered a glimpse at its financials data, but for two prior years, Twitter exercised its right to remain silent. The lack of disclosure is perfectly legal.

Twitter "accidentaly" reveals IPO date November 15th

Twitter has accidentally revealed its IPO date in revisions to its S-1 filing, private company financial data analysts at PrivCo say.

Can Twitter become profitable?

Twitter Inc.’s user growth is slowing and it shows no sign of turning a profit. But will try to change that when it expands globally and draws advertising dollars from companies seeking access to its more than 200 million monthly active users.

2/3 of Companies going public this year were unprofitable

Twitter lost $79 million in 2012, and it's on the way to lose even more this year. But that has not stopped the enthusiasm for its shares, which are going to start trading publicly on November.

Mark Zuckerberg Gives Twitter Advice on IPO

Why Twitter is not Facebook?

When someone says "Social Media", Facebook and Twitter are the first companies that people think off. But when taking a closer look, we can tell how both companies differ when it comes to their financial and growth.

Twitter wants to raise $1bn in its stock market debut

Do you think it would be possible?
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