George Harrison: The Quiet Beatle

November 03, 2013
George Harrison was always considered the quiet Beatle. He wasn't part of the strong duo that wrote most of the songs and were the front men of the band - John and Paul, and he didn't have a catchy nickname like Ringo.
Nevertheless, he was a true genius, and his solo career was one of the most interesting, funny and unique musical careers ever.
This Roojoom is all about George, his music, sounds, his smile and his humbleness.
If you love The Beatles but you don't know George's solo music your'e in for a treat.
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All Things Must Pass

This song was rehearsed with The Beatles but didn't make it into the 'Abbey Road' album. By the time the band had broken up, George had so many songs that didn't make it to the Beatles albums and songs that he didn't even suggest to John & Paul that his first Album after the band had broken up was a triple LP.

All Things Must Pass - a solo masterpiece: one of the best albums ever made.

Forget about Lennon's 'Imagine' and about Paul's 'Band On The Run' with wings. 'All Things Must Pass' is the best solo album by any one of the fab four.

The Concert for Bangladesh

"The Concert For Bangladesh happened because of my relationship with Ravi ... I said, "If you want me to be involved, I think I'd better be really involved," so I started recruiting all these people"

▶ ‪George Harrison-Give Me Love

From his third solo album, 'Living in the Material World' this beautiful ballad is typical George: Soft, heart warming, Humble and peaceful.

▶ ‪George Harrison - Blow Away‬‏

This song (and the bizzare video) is taken from the self titled album which was released in 1979. Another song on the album , 'Not Guilty' dates back to the Beatles era and you can find it on the third volume of 'the Beatles Anthology'

‪George Harrison - Got my mind set on you‬‏

This mega hit cover song by George was ranked #1 in the US and #2 in the UK. The video was one of the most expensive videos of that time.

Final album: "Brainwashed"

George worked on this album for quite a while but didn't get to live to complete it. The work on the album was completed by his son Dhani and Jeff Lynne who was a band member alongside George with "The Travelling Wilburys".

▶ ‪George Harrison - Marwa Blues‬‏ : a beautiful instrumental piece

In this instrumental piece so much is being said without even one word coming out of George's mouth. The mood is so unique and the guitar is pouring out of George with so much emotion.
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