Scrum in School (!)- Meet eduScrum

January 23, 2015
Working with eduScrum in schools means using Scrum to help teams of students learn more effectively. You’ll see self-organized teams of student work in sprints to learn subjects and evolve the learning process. Students work independently and take responsibility for their own effort and that of their team members. They get more fun in the subject, work quicker through the curriculum and get better results. Results from the agile way of working are improved quality of education, higher grades and motivated students. Here is how they do it :
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Shirly Ronen-Harel

‪Jeff Sutherland about eduScrum and Agile outside of IT‬‏ - YouTube

eduScrum® - YouTube

Scrum for Education - Experiences from eduScrum and Blueprint Education

InfoQ did interviews with Marmy Kodras from Blueprint Education and John Miller from Agile Schools on how they are using Scrum at Blueprint High School, and with Jan van Rossum from eduScrum and the Ashram College on teaching with Scrum.

A view into the future – using Scrum as teaching tool in high school

You might think that such young people can’t deal with such self-responsibility but practice shows differently. They are even good at it. They do work in teams to motivate each other. Logically; this is the basis of Scrum.

Scrum Log Jeff Sutherland: Scrum: The Future for Education?

When we first heard about teachers using Scrum in a classroom we had to know more and got in touch with those teachers through Ilja Heitlager at Schuberg Philis in the Netherlands. Here's what they sent in. It's translated into English from the original Dutch.

edueScrum Vision and mission

Our faith in young people is great. We are convinced that young people have more skills and aspirations than they and many adults think. eduScrum validates that students get the best out of themselves and their team. That makes teaching really worthwhile for all parties involved.

eduScrum: Explaining planning poker

"...Willy continued and explained they now had to estimate the backlog, they work they had broken down the previous class into tasks with post-its. Willy distributed planning poker cards and said the first tasks, the first page of a book was 2, they had to estimate accordingly. Class looked puzzled, so he continued: “I am going to explain you something about relative comparison..."

eduScrum Homepage

In companies Scrum sees to it that developers work together in a productive and enjoyable way. eduScrum is an edit of Scrum for the educational system. With eduScrum students work together in an energetic, targeted, efficient and effective way. With eduScrum students are stimulated to develop into a valuable member of a team. eduScrum ascertains a mind-set that aims for constant improvement. We would love to share our enthusiasm!

Willy Wijnands over eduScrum - YouTube

The Learning Canvas: An Aid for Self-Directed Learners!The-Learning-Canvas-An-Aid-for-SelfDirected-Learners/c17vz/8E07235D-8E83-43D8-B5F9-E5DA094A427D
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Scrum in School (!)- Meet eduScrum
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