Learnning Agile Using Drawing Games

February 12, 2014
Using drawings to simulate scrum ,to simulate communication , to reflect on team approach to scrum or just to retrospect
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Shirly Ronen-Harel

The Drawing Game

We’ve decided to use practical approach by playing game called Drawing game. We see the same results for more than two years and hundreds of people. It works. Therefore we suggest it to you. Especially if you are coach, trainer or scrum master. Or manager who would like to improve teams.

The Car Change Game

This is a game that you can play at the beginning of a training session to allow people to open their minds that what they are about to learn isn’t easy. It is hard to change and they need to consciously go into the training that it isn’t just a matter of ‘change your way and you will succeed’.


"This is the game I’ve been teaching since the late 1990s at all my agile development classes. It is based on the game Larry Constantine used in a class I took back in about 1993. The key difference is that he did the exercise one time, to illustrate something about communication (I no longer remember what, sorry Larry :). I do the exercise 3 times, with the purpose that (a) people learn how to do better, and (b) so they can learn the Reflection Workshop technique."

Thoughts on the Drawing Game -Communication Iterative and Incremental.

"There is a very old game that I use as a coach," says Dusan, "which helps reinforce a number of important Agile principles. It's a drawing game that is really all about effective collaboration and communication."

‪Draw Me A Picture - Munich Scrum Gathering‬‏

"Draw Me A Picture", adapted by Deb Hartmann Preuss from Norman Kerth's "Art Gallery" retrospective exercise from his book "Project Retrospective". Described by Olaf Lewitz.

TDD: Test Driven Drawing


Sailboat Retrospective

I use the sailboat retrospective as an activity to gather information for Sprint Retrospectives, Release Retrospectives or even when I go in as a coach to find out where teams are. It is a fun way to gather opportunities, risks and problems.
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Learnning Agile Using Drawing Games
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