How Deep is your Agile? Assessing Agile Implementation.

February 27, 2018
Agile transition is a journey, not a destination; assessing our agile adoption would teach us where we are in this journey, guide to the next improvement, see the evolution of agility, evaluate impact improvement work and to evaluate structural changes, costs and effectiveness of our agile activities.
Here is a collection of few great assessment article and tools that will allow Teams, Coaches and Managers to evaluate the current capability of an adoption are.
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Agile Maturity Model – 3 Different Approaches

Though we do not have an accepted model for accessing the level of maturity of adoption of agile methodology, there three distinct schools of thought on what an “Agile Maturity Model” could be.

Agile Self Assessments

Self Assessment Tool for Transitioning to Agile

Over on agileconnection, a user asked about a self-assessment tool for measuring agile maturity. That’s not exactly the right question, because agile transition is a journey, not a destination. But, I can understand why he asked the question. I tried to be helpful. I supplied a set of questions to ask. Maybe you can go over there and add more to my list. I still think the best question is this: What benefit will you gain from learning this answer?

Agile Maturity Self-Assessment -skills maturity of participant

The questions below use the Seven stages maturity model found in the Meillir page-Jones article on the Seven Stages of experience. These Questions are intend to establish the skills maturity of participant to understand how one’s familiarity with a topic can influence their response to several problems scenarios that will be distributed later.

Assess Your Agility With ''

Once completed, the team is then provided with a visual representation of how they score in each of these areas, and, more notably, what level of risk these scores present to their situation. Based on this risk assessment, the tool also then provides recommended practices that the team might benefit most from improving on next

Agile Testing maturity assessment

The toolkit helps app-dev and testing leaders understand how mature their current testing practices and organization are for Agile and Lean development.

Why assesing a Kanban Implementation?

Excellent material to start measuring the depth of the implementation.

Kanban – Are we doing it or not?

It’s not a question of right or wrong? But a question of the depth of implementation.

Kiviat Diagrams: Depth of Kanban - limitedwipsociety

These photos are diagrams of the practices used in some kanban implementations from our community. This was inspired by David Anderson's Depth of Kanban presentation:

Agile Self Assessments

DevOps Practices Self Assessment

How Agile Are You? (Take This 42 Point Test)

THE DIGITAL BUSINESS ANALYST: Assessing your Client's Agility - An Agility Questionnaire
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