5 Awesome Sandwich Recipes

September 11, 2013
Sandwiches are easy to make, fuss free meals that cat satisfy any palliate. Almost every country has its' signature sandwich like the US with hamburgers, Uruguays' chivito and more.. Here are 5 recipes that will make u happy and will take a minimal amount of time :)
Image source: http://www.closetcooking.com/2012/01/bacon-guacamole-grilled-cheese-sandwich.html
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Know your history

Before I give you the recipes, here is some history about the sandwich. Always know your history :)

The Hamburger - Worlds' most famous sandwich

The hamburger is the worlds' most famous sandwich. Large corporations like McDonalds have built empires, all thanks this great sandwich. Here is winning, fool proof hamburger recipe

Italian MeatBall Sub - Joey's favorite

This sandwich is Joey Tribbianis' favorite food, And boy, does he like to eat. So that should tell you something about how good it is. This meatball delight is a great meal for all ages!

Grilled Bacon Paradise

Oh! My! God!When I saw the picture of this sandwich I almost wanted to cry! It looks SOOOOOOO good!!! And it tastes like it too!! You have to try igt!!!

Breakfast sandwich

This awesome sandwich has yummy ingredients like eggs, pesto sauce and Chorizo sausage. Need I say more?

A healthy and refreshing California sandwich

If you want a refreshing and easy meal, this is the sandwich for you. It is nutritious and healthy, as well as tasty!
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5 Awesome Sandwich Recipes
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