Desktop vs Laptop vs Tablet

February 12, 2014
So you're finally caving in and admitting that it's time for a new computer? Finally.
It's pretty drastic that five years ago you would have been deciding between a desktop and a laptop. Now, we have another candidate: the tablet.
This track is your guide to what kind of computer device is best suited for you, whether it be a desktop, laptop or tablet.
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Desktop vs Tablet vs Laptop – What’s your choice? [Comparison]

This chart briefly covers the different devices people consider when purchasing a new computer. It sums up who would benefit most from each type of computer.

Laptop vs Desktop

Desktop or laptop? The last time I needed a new computer, I didn't even think twice. I knew that I needed (and wanted) a laptop. As someone who commutes everyday and needs her computer on the go, I knew it was the right choice of computer for me at this time.

Laptop Comparison Chart

There are TONS of laptop choices. This website has a list of a whole chunk of them and allows you to check off up to 50 to conduct a side by side comparison.

Can a tablet replace your laptop?

I always say that once I'm done with school and have no reason for Microsoft Office and a ton of memory, I'll move over to a tablet. In this review, the writer explains how he was able to use the tablet for most of his needs. Makes me rethink decision to wait for the tablet...

Google Chromebook vs. Apple iPad, MacBook Air

Once you've decided what you want- it's time to decide if you want Windows, Chrome or Apple. This writer reviews and compares the laptops of the 3 different providers, stating his favorite of them all.

Tablets review

Here are the top ten rated tablets, which you can compare side by side.
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Desktop vs Laptop vs Tablet
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