9 things you didn't know about the Negev

September 16, 2014
The Negev may be a desert, but everything there is flourishing.
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In the spring the desert turns red

Red carpets of anemones – interspersed with bright yellow mustard grass — cover the Negev Desert in February and March.

It's the world's hottest tourist destination

Surprisingly, the Negev offers something for nature-lovers, eco-tourists, archeology buffs, spa vacationers and even wine connoisseurs.

It has an ancient wine route

Nine wineries make modern use of the ancient Nabatean grape-growing terraces in Israel’s Negev Desert, a perfect climate for the craft.

It could become the new Vegas

Rumors about a casino opening in the country’s southern tourist hotspot of Mitzpeh Ramon continue surfacing.

It's a center for high tech and innovation

“The opening of the Advanced Technologies Park in Beersheva will be remembered as the turning point in the development of the Negev. We have always been at the geographical heart of Israel. Now we are on our way to becoming the true center for innovation and growth,” said Ben-Gurion University of the Negev President Rivka Carmi at the ribbon-cutting in September 2013.

Beersheva is pretty cool

City Hall and the Tourism Ministry are working earnestly to put Beersheva -- the unofficial 'capital of the Negev' -- on the cultural map.

The desert is blooming - 21st century style

A 21st century way to make the desert bloom.

You'll find Israel's first solar field there

Electricity from the sun makes perfect sense in the desert, but the technology needed to perfected. See how this is happening on a Negev kibbutz.

It's being settled by Israel's newest pioneers

ISRAEL21c talks with some new pioneers of the Negev who left urban life to fulfill dreams of farming or winemaking in the desert.
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