7 FREE graphic design tools for NON-designers

I am not a designer but I am an entrepreneur...who has many design needs without the budget to hire a designer.
Luckily for me - there are some great tools out there that can help me get the work done (by myself). No design skills needed, and no budget needed either!
Got a tool to add to this list? Let me know!
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Yael Kochman

Create infographics & online charts

A great tool to create interactive charts to embed in blog posts, simply copy-paste the date from excel!

Design Rails

Design a great logo in minutes! This is such a cool app. Need a quick logo for a new project or venture? Try this out you'll be surprised how great the results are.

Canva – Simple graphic design for blogs, presentations, FB & more


Smore - design awesome online flyers

From event invites to job adds and just anything else you wish to advertise online. Great template, very user friendly and also easy to distribute via social / email.

deviantART muro - as simple as design software can get

There is no downloading, uploading, or other type of interface beyond what is presented on the browser. Heard it's a great tool but haven't tried yet...let me know what you think please!

Piktochart : Make Information Beautiful

Banners, infographics and much more!

Paint.NET - Photoshop for non-designers

Been using it for years for just about everything! Nearest thing to photoshop there is out there with no design skills needed. Download for free & enjoy!
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7 FREE graphic design tools for NON-designers
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