Unique Ways to Monetize Your Site Through Qadabra

August 06, 2014
Making money online just got easier. Qadabra is a self-serve ad platform empowering site owners to make money off their website traffic. Here are some unique ways to utilize the Qadabra system as your best monetization solution.
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5 Easy Ways to Increase Website Traffic

Traffic=Money. The more traffic you have,the more money you can make off your site. So make sure your first step to monetizing your site is building your following. We offer some guidance on what to focus when building your new website.

10 Best Google Adsense Alternatives (2014)

While Google AdSense is a good platform, there are many reasons you might prefer an alternative. Here are some good ones, including your first taste of Qadabra.

Robert Scoble Interviews Maia Shiran, Marimedia Co-Founder

On the cusp of Marimedia's public offering, Marimedia COO and co-founder Maia Shiran is interviewed by tech blogger and Rackspace Startup Liason Officer Robert Scoble. Marimedia is the company that developed Qadabra.

Infographic: Best Practice for Website Owners

Check out this infographic to learn more about Qadabra's best performing banner positions, most popular banner sizes, and the magic of rich media.

Learn How To Increase Your Results

Besides being a self-serve platform that gives its users immediate sign-up, low minimum payout, rich media, 100% worldwide ad coverage and an easy-to-use system, Qadabra also constantly offers its users tips on maximizing their revenue. Here's what we suggest:

Qadabra: Why It's Good to Follow Your Gut

Get to know Qadabra's humble beginnings.

Qadabra - Ad Serving Platform for Website Monetization

Easy. Immediate. Human. MAGIC! Qadabra offers a simple monetization to making money through performance-based advertising. Sign-up today! It takes less than 15 seconds.
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Unique Ways to Monetize Your Site Through Qadabra
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