Ways To Use The Wheel of Life in Your Coaching Practice

May 17, 2014
The “Wheel of Life” is a powerful coaching tool –it is one of the most flexible coaching tool in our coaching toolbox. The “Wheel of Life” can be used in many different ways! Its an excellent tool to feedback about many areas of life, set meaningful goals, see how far our client has come, analyze current and future expectations , skills and knowledge gap identification and many more and it can also be fun:) Here are some exercises and good step by step practical examples.
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This wheel contains eight sections that, together, represent one way of describing a whole life. You, as coach, or your client may have other labels or categories or may wish to divide friends and family. The structure is up to you and your client.

12 Awesome New Ways To Use The Wheel of Life in Your Coaching Practice - The Launchpad - The Coaching Tools Company Blo

As coaches, I think we get so used to seeing “The Wheel of Life” that we switch off. Oh – that old thing – AGAIN! But, while The Wheel of Life is ‘old hat’ to us, it’s still new for most of our clients. So, apart from the common use of this coaching exercise to look at life balance, how else can we use The Wheel of Life to help our clients? Well, here are some suggestions (and we’d love to hear what you do – just comment below):

A Practical example drill into actions and tasks -Your Family, Agile, and You

Why spiders can help you achieve your goals

Wheel of Life Inventory - Step by step and group discussion

To create your own personal Wheel of Life, you will examine your satisfaction with the various areas of life described below

How The Circle of Life Worked for Kate with her support group

This example will give you a sense of how the Circle of Life works. Kate is in a 12 week Circle of Life program hosted by her local Arthritis Foundation. The group meets every Thursday from 9:00-10:30 a.m. and there are 11 others in the group. Kate's arthritis is beginning to cause increased discomfort and limitations in her life. It is impacting her work, particularly when her pain is distracting. She doesn't like the side effects of the pain medication and yet her condition is worsening.

The Impact of Grief on Your Wheel of Life - Navigating Grief

How satisfying is your life right now? Eventually, this is one of the important questions grief forces us to address. Whether your loss was recent or years ago, if grief is left to its own, there will come a time that the pain of loss will show up in how you handle relationships, work, environment, and other facets of life. The path to this question alone can be circuitous, painful, and a result of your grief. Your loss creates chaos. You try to go on without your loved one. It wasn’t supposed to be this way. Life is changed. Horribly changed. Life is not the same. Nor will it ever be.

*Free* The Wheel of Life Template


Now online : Wheel of Life Interactive

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Ways To Use The Wheel of Life in Your Coaching Practice
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