How to help your students speak

January 09, 2017
How can we teach students to speak? I know how I do it, and I've been doing it for over 10 years. I sing songs, play games, dance, draw, put them on stage, the list goes on and keeps getting longer as I try new ideas and see what works. I believe that what I do makes a difference and I want to share it with you.
Kara Aharon

Making English Fun

It's time to go beyond the textbooks. Many children learn best when they move, others absorb information better when they see or feel an object. When you or your students need a break from the textbook, there are plenty of ways to continue learning.

Rap Up Your Classroom

Do you want to hear all of the students in your classroom speak English, including the shy ones, and be able to listen to and understand them all at once? Start tapping.

Examples of using rhythm in the classroom.

Here are some sample raps to try with your students.

English is Fun in Rhythm

If you like those. I offer a whole book of them, including a CD of blank rhythms (so you can stop tapping) and sample raps.


I try to offer a variety of helpful materials, but there's no substitute for a live demonstration. Whether you want to have me come and activate your students for a few hours or sit with a group of teachers and show them how to do it, I can put together a workshop for you.

Workshops for English Day

When are you planning your English Day this year? Let me help you make it fun.

Drama Workshops

Are you having trouble getting your junior high or high school students to speak English? Do they need some extra practice before the oral bagrut? Try some drama.

Workshops for Teachers

Like I said, there's nothing like a live demonstration.

Don't forget to sing!

Songs are a great way to learn a language. They're easy to remember, improve pronunciation, introduce students to new vocabulary and syntax in context and can be used even with students who don't want to sing. All five of the English is Fun CDs contain original songs written for EFL students. They can be sampled and downloaded individually or as full CDs with lyrics online, or purchased as physical CDs within Israel.

The English is Fun Activity Pack

A full set of supplies to help you introduce songs and games into the classroom. The CD English is Fun contains 15 songs written for EFL students from pre-K to 6th grade. Not sure how to use them or the accompanying poster sets? Just open the lyric and activity book and learn how to present songs and activate students. Need follow-up activities? Those are in there too.

Put on a play.

Nothing improves a student's confidence more than performing on stage in English, even if they only say one sentence or sing in a group. "English is Fun on the Stage" contains four short, simple scripts for very young children. If you're interested in a more involved production contact me about a script and any additional assistance you may need.

The English is Fun website

For more information about programs and materials, please visit my website.
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How to help your students speak
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