19 of the Most Amazing Basketball Courts in the World

April 15, 2014
These are incredible.

Jorre Ombecq

Carrier court

Better warn the players not to dive for a loose ball !

Carrier court

They changed an entire carrier ship into a court just for one game!

World's craziest basketball court

This three-dimensional court takes the concept of home field advantage to absurd new levels.

Liberace's Basketball Court

If Liberace had a basketball court this is what it would look like... or what would happen if your grandmother was in charge of buying sporting goods...

Space jammed

Space is at a premium in the ancient seaside city of Dubrovnik but so is the desire to go one-on-one with one’s fellow dribblers.

Home-court in San-Francisco

It’s the ultimate dream – a beautiful home with all the gadgets needed to make life just that little bit easier and a sports court to help keep the body tightly honed to face the stresses of the workplace

Rooftop basketball court

Play some ball on top of a $12 million New York townhouse.

ASB glassfloor

World’s first interactive gym floor that can be a playing surface for a number of indoor and outdoor sports like tennis, volleyball, handball, basketball and badminton.


Angels Gate Park

China's Forbidden City basketball court

The court is made of an astroturf surface that at least must muffle the sounds of bouncing basketballs in this normally serene area. Word has it the “Emperor’s Court” was built to provide a recreational outlet for red guards on their breaks

Disney's hidden basketball court

The legend behind this court tells that the court was built to skirt local building laws. It was prohibited for a new building to exceed a certain height, with one exception: sports facilities... The real reason for the basketball court? It’s a rest and recreation place for the “mountain climbers”—the costumed Disneyland employees whose job it was to climb up and down the face of the gigantic ride.

Matterhorn Profile


Indoor loft court

Impressive loft in San Francisco, inspired on a aircraft hangar. With a private basketball court of course!

Rolling in the deep...

In the ocean. Mexican Riviera cruise, Mexico.

Chong Khneas Floating village basketball court

There's the inevitable rocking that ensues when a bunch of kids run and chase basketballs around, but they’re probably used to it having spent most of their time at a floating elementary school.


Some describe this as the most amazing court in the world. It certainly is one of the most unusual ones..

Paradise Valley Private Basketball-Court

Just imagine throwing one last three-pointer as the gorgeous Arizona sun sets over the hills on the horizon.


Looks like an amazing place to shoot some hoops, near a luxurious hotel in Malaysia.

Israeli desert basketball court

Be sure to have enough water to your disposal!

Eurobasket 2013

The draw of the first groups of EuroBasket 2013 was held in Postojna cave. How freakingly awesome is that?

Eurobasket 2013

Another unique event, a basketball game on the Slovenian sea.

More awesome courts!

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19 of the Most Amazing Basketball Courts in the World
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