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May 10, 2015
Check out the top Israeli apps revolutionizing the way we live.
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Apple watch goes blue and white

Glide, JoyTunes, 24me, TL;DR and Vonage among the made-in-Israel applications already available on Apple’s new wearable.

10 best apps for 2015

ISRAEL21c brings you all the latest incredible mobile apps launched by Israeli developers.

Could an app replace Ritalin?

Forget Ritalin, new Israeli company Myndlift has an app that can improve attention disorders without negative side effects.

Are you dangerous on the road? An app can tell

A new algorithmic system developed at an Israeli university gives drivers hard data to assess and correct their driving and talking-while-driving habits.

All the 'Waze' Israeli apps aid your journeys

You already know that the navigation app Waze is Israeli. But so are GetTaxi, TireCheck, Moovit and other applications designed to get you safely and quickly to your destination and find a place to park.

Six great food apps

Find an eatery, follow a recipe, price groceries, calculate nutrition and donate leftovers with the help of blue-and-white smartphone apps.

Apps for your social life

Better photos with these great apps.

Find out how apps such as Glide (video texting), Magisto (video editing), Pixtr (photo improvement) and Moment (photo, video and Tweet organizer) help you get the most out of your visual memories.

10 top music apps from Israel

Israeli app technology in fight against Ebola
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