Too tired to sleep?

December 31, 2014
Israeli scientists are involved in a plethora of studies and development of products that could help you deal with insomnia and sleep apnea, and get a good night's sleep.
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The sleep lab on your phone

An Israeli app can record your snores for professional analysis and even nudge you to change position.

Interrupted sleep is bad for your health

Parents of newborns pay a high price for their interrupted sleep.

A natural cure for insomnia

Sleep apnea has heart benefits?

Technion researchers suggest there’s an upside to sleep-disordered breathing that could help repair the injured heart in sufferers of cardiovascular disease.

Turn off the lights

Sleeping with lights on can spur cancer

Mini sleep lab is top medical innovation

An Israeli-developed “miniature sleep lab” wins accolades from the Cleveland Clinic.

Comfortable SomnuSeal mask also protects heart

The Israeli company Discover Medical is introducing a product to make the most effective sleep apnea treatment option more comfortable and easier on the heart.

Moderate sleep apnea may prolong life

Moderate sleep apnea may actually prolong your life, according to surprising findings by a team of Israeli researchers.

SleepUp offers solutions

The company has developed a family of devices for patients suffering mild, moderate and severe sleep apnea, which are smaller, lighter, and more comfortable to use than existing methods.
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