Kaltura Management Console Training Track

March 22, 2014
Training path for Kaltura's Management Console (aka KMC). Watch these videos to get a quick and easy start with Kaltura.
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KMC Overview | Kaltura KMC Tutorial

This video tutorial explores the various features Kaltura's Management Console or 'KMC' has to offer. The video will equip every KMC user with the skills and knowledge to make full use of all the features we offer as well as troubleshoot basic issues.

Reviewing The Dashboard | Kaltura KMC Tutorial

This video tutorial covers the Dashboard. This is the first page of the KMC you see when you log in. The page provides information on your account and analyses reports of the content in it.

Viewing And Managing Content | Kaltura KMC Tutorial

This video tutorial covers the Content Tab section of the KMC. The Content tab not only lists information about all the media you have uploaded, but you will aslo learn to manage and publish said content.

What's A Kaltura Entry | Kaltura KMC Tutorial

In this video you will become accustomed to the concept of a Kaltura Entry. Entries are tied not only to your video content, but also to associated metadata, thumbnails more. This video unpacks the entry ecosystem in detail.

Upload Tab: Media | Kaltura KMC Tutorial

The Upload Menu is a staple feature of the KMC and can be accessed through the navigation bar at the top of all pages of the KMC. In this tutorial we will explore Upload from Desktop, Recording from a webcam and Importing from the web, all options in the Upload Media section.

Automate Video Ingestion With Kaltura's Drop Folders | Video Tutorial

Use the Kaltura Drop Folder service to: 1. Automate or partially automate an on-going content ingestion workflow. 2. Support bulk ingestion of content to Kaltura, either when you set up an account and migrate a large amount of existing content, or on an on-going basis. 3. Work with content providers and operational teams who do not have access to the Kaltura Management Console (KMC) or any other content management application. Kaltura’s drop folder service was designed to support a variety of integration requirements and business needs, and has flexible configuration options. http://corp.kaltura.com/

Drop Folders | Kaltura KMC Tutorial

Learn how to upload your content into the KMC using drop folders. This is great for ingesting large amounts of content, creating more efficient content workflows, and working with teams that do not have access to the KMC

Aspera Fast Upload | Kaltura KMC Tutorial

This video tutorial reviews the High-Speed Upload option in the Upload Tab. This option is the product of Kaltura’s integration with Aspera, a company specializing in incredibly fast file transfers.

Bulk Upload | Kaltura KMC Tutorial


Media-Less Entry | Kaltura KMC Tutorial

This tutorial covers the third KMC upload method: preparing entries by creating the metadata in anticipation of a later upload. Preparing media-less entries is useful when you want to publish a web page but the video or audio content to be featured is still being produced.

Creating Thumbnails | Kaltura KMC Tutorial

This video turorial is part of the Media Authoring section of the KMC Essentials VOD course. In this tutotial you will learn to customize and polish your content by creating thumbnails.

Editing Videos: Trimming & Clipping | Kaltura Video Tutorial

Create clips from existing videos, set in and out points. Each clip becomes its own media entry encoded to multiple flavors, and can be downloaded, distributed and played back on any device. You can also simply trim the length of a video – all directly from within the KMC.

Clipping And Trimming | Kaltura KMC Tutorial

This video tutorial reviews the clipping and trimming capabilities within the KMC. With these editing features, you can edit your content without downloading files or software to your computer.

Publishing & Sharing | Kaltura KMC Tutorial

In this video tutorial you will learn to publish your content. In the ‘Preview and Embed’ window, you will be able to choose all your embed features and the KMC will automatically create an embed code. All you have to do is copy and paste it to your site. Kaltura allows embedding a Single Entry and embedding a Playlist to your site.

Creating & Publishing Manual Playlists | Kaltura KMC Tutorial

Playlists are a great way to draw a larger audience to your content. In this tutorial you will learn how to create a manual playlist. Using this feature you can group any type of media (videos, audio or images) around a similar theme or topic and then embed the playlist player on your website.

Creating & Publishing Rule-Based Playlists | Kaltura KMC Tutorial

In this tutorial we describe the second playlist option Kaltura provides - a rule-based playlist. This playlist follows specific rules that a KMC user creates. These could be based on video tags, a maximum video length or any other filter criteria available in the KMC. Any videos that fulfill the playlist rules will be added to it automatically, even after the playlist has been created and published.

Managing Categories | Kaltura KMC Tutorial

In this first tutorial of the Media Management Workflow chapter, we’re going to be learning about creating and managing categories. Adding content to these categories is one of the simplest ways to group your content and arrange it in a hierarchical structure, making it immensely easy to find.

Managing Metadata | Kaltura KMC Tutorial

In this video we’re going to be learning about managing metadata for entries in the KMC. The term “metadata” is, to put it simply, data about other data. In our context it refers to all information that describes and details entries in our Kaltura account. Metadata is crucial in tagging, managing, searching and locating content and Kaltura provides extensive capabilities to ensure fast and efficient asset management.

Custom Metadata | Kaltura KMC Tutorial

This tutorial covers how to extend the metadata structure of your account. Metadata can be used to make your videos more findable, to create compound structures like related videos, and to give you an easier workflow. Metadata is easy to manage in the KMC.

Searching The KMC | Kaltura KMC Tutorial

This tutorial will lead you through everything you need to know about finding content, categories and playlists in the KMC by using a combination of search, filters and custom metadata.

Content Moderation | Kaltura KMC Tutorial

This tutorial covers the process of approving or rejecting content that has been flagged by your users. This is particularly relevant when using applications that promote User Generated Content

Captions & Subtitles | Kaltura KMC Tutorial

This video looks at uploading multiple subtitles files to the KMC either from your computer or via a web link. Add subtitles to a video player, and embed the player in your website.

Related Files | Kaltura KMC Tutorial

Learn how to upload related files to an entry such as a presentation or document.

Replacing Entry Content | Kaltura KMC Tutorial

In this video you will learn to replace existing videos in your KMC account with new content, without losing key metadata, entry ID information and analytics.

Kaltura Player ToolKit

Play this video to get a glimpse of Kaltura's fast-loading, flexible, and cross-platform web media player.

White Labeling The Kaltura Player | Video Tutorial

A step-by-step video guide on how to create a Kaltura player with your own logo.

Adding A Player Watermark | Kaltura Video Tutorial

A step-by-step video guide on how to add a watermark to the Kaltura player. This enables consistent branding for all of your media.

How To Create Bumper Ads | Kaltura Video Tutorial

Learn an easy way to display your own Bumper ad before a video. This could be helpful for Kaltura partners that would like to advertise their logo, or other information, and for other partners that would like to advertise, but do not expect to monetize from their ads.

Advertisement: Mid-Roll & Overlays Cue-Points | Video Tutorial

Kaltura allows publishers to set and manage cue-points within each video and to define with great accuracy the exact timing of mid roll ads and overlays. Cue-points for ads can be set in bulk, by uploading an xml format, or one by one using the UI. This video demonstrates how to use the user interface.

Flavors And Transcoding | Kaltura KMC Tutorial

In this video you will learn about the concept of flavors and gain key insight into video output settings best practices for uploading into Kaltura.

Using Video For Effective Marketing

Consumers today spend 30% of their time on the web watching video. Take advantage of this trend to increase brand awareness and market education. With our easy-to-use platform tools you can engage your audience, communicate effectively, extend your reach across any device, and measure your impact.

Access Control | Kaltura KMC Tutorial

In this tutorial you will learn how to limit access to your content using domain, IP address, geographic, flavor and server-side restrictions.
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