Interactive Learning: The French Revolution

March 23, 2014
Did you know...that the French Revolution is considered the first modern revolution?

This is because it changed the structure of society, rather than simply replacing the existing ruler or even the political regime, and created new ideologies to explain its course when nothing suitable could be adopted from the past.

The French Revolution changed the entire way France is run. Powers were giving to the people not just the King and Queen!
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French Revolution Timeline

This infographic clearly explains the important events surrounding the French Revolution. Go through the events to understand the background and build-up of the Revolution!

Interactive map

This interactive map details the empire of Napoleon circa 1812.

French Revolution

Khan Academy does a great job of explaining The French Revolution: including background on its causes.

French Revolution Flash Cards

Learn the terms and test yourself with these flash cards!

Fling the Teacher: Game

Create the character that represents the teacher by giving him any hair and skin color you wish! Prepare to build a trebuchet by answering French Revolution questions correctly. Each correct answer will add a section to the trebuchet. A wrong answer will send you back to the game's beginning. A great and fun way to enforce your learning on the French Revolution!

French Revolution Quiz

The French Revolution is one of the most important events in French and World History. This is a quiz over some of its events and key people.
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Interactive Learning: The French Revolution
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