The GROW model of Coaching

February 09, 2015
As a leader, one of your most important roles is to coach your people to do their best.

The GROW (Goals , Reality, Options, Wil ):
The primary role of any coach is to raise both the awareness of an individual to their situation by asking searching and clarifying questions and to ensure that the individual takes personal responsibility to actively pursue any resulting actions. The coach is present to help the individual work out what needs to be done, not to provide the answer.
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‪The GROW Model: How to Use GROW in Coaching and Mentoring‬‏ - YouTube

As a leader, one of your most important roles is to coach your people to do their best. By doing this, you'll help them make better decisions, solve problems that are holding them back, learn new skills, and otherwise progress their careers. Some people are fortunate enough to get formal training in coaching. However, many people have to develop this important skill themselves. This may sound daunting. But if you arm yourself with some proven techniques, practice, and trust your instincts, you can become a great coach. The GROW Model is a simple yet powerful framework for structuring your coaching or mentoring sessions. We'll look at how to apply the model in this video.

Using Powerful Questions

This is a short and breezy introduction to coaching and the GROW model - with some great jazz to hurry it along.

GROW coaching model

One of the most common questions asked about coaching is “What process should I follow?” There is no single answer to that, however if it is assumed that coaching is largely a structured interaction about a topic where the coach seeks to ask questions to encourage the other person to develop solutions to the challenge or problem they face, then the GROW model is one of the most popular. The GROW model describes 2 key elements and a 4 stage process model to develop. The key elements are: Awareness and Responsibility

‪The GROW model in action‬‏ - YouTube

Dee Wilkinson from South West Coaching, takes someone through the process of the GROW model to illustrate the various stages. This is a simplistic version purely to demonstrate the GROW in action and uses an actress and fictitious material

‪GROW model coaching cards demonstration‬‏ - YouTube

Demo of the cards being used in a variety of ways to support coach training. First we see the coach selecting cards to generate open questions Secondly we see the coachee choosing a random cards Finally we see the cards being used for self coaching visit the online shop at

GROW Coaching Cards - Introduction

GROW model- questions


70 Awesome Coaching Questions Using the GROW Model
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