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June 03, 2015
Unfortunately, the entertainment industry has mad it very difficult for those right of middle aspiring musicians, actors, comedians, etc to openly express their beliefs in their craft if it is not of the liberal dogma. In this room, you will find a Liberty Billboard calendar, along with various sites and peeps I have curated. If you would like to submit your site/group for consideration contact "The KellyJaye" at .
The KellyJaye

BigDawg Music Radio

Child of BigDawg Music Mafia, this is where it directly jam to the sounds of liberty :-). From their About page" “Pardon Our Noise – It’s The Sound Of Freedom” - Our Mission Is Simple: To showcase conservative leaning artists & freedom-loving entrepreneurs, who want to change this world we live in. We are artists who just happen to be Conservatives and Libertarians We are a family of creatives’ who help build bridges between all artists, and cultural entrepreneurs who don’t fit in the progressive ‘Liberal Arts’ world."

Lisa Day - Entertainment Contributor to the

Lisa Day is an awesome activist, promoting liberty-loving artists anywhere she can. Here, on the, she is highlighting up and coming musicians. Jason Mattera is the man behind this website. He is author of the New York Times bestsellers "Obama Zombies: How the Liberal Machine Brainwashed My Generation (Simon & Schuster 2010) and Hollywood Hypocrites: The Devastating Truth About Obama's Biggest Backers "(Simon & Schuster 2012). Read more at

Music News, Right Wing Views, Conservative Blogs -

" is an online music news digest that celebrates American exceptionalism, pays tribute to our armed forces and their families, and honors public figures when they perform admirably. We also shine a spotlight on left wing kooks in the music industry and other media that erode and destroy the fabric of our culture through their words and deeds. "

Toots Sweet Music, Lyrics, Songs, and Videos

Toots Sweet is a New York City original. Toots combines his passion for music with his love of liberty to create a refreshing new sound with a powerful message. He creates an urban rock funk sound that is uplifting, rhythmic with memorable hooks that will entice your mind and awaken your soul. Be warned though… if you do not love Freedom you may find his lyrical content extremely offensive.

Buck Allen Music, Lyrics, Songs, and Videos

I will let him speak for himself: "i'm a pretty simple guy really, I'm a songwriter, surfer, gardener, good neighbor (I try y'all)!!! I've always been a songwriter I remember walking to school as a kid making up and singing songs. During the 90's I was the front man for "Seven and Three Quarters" a punk band with a southern flare. As I got older I found myself reverting back to my roots, acoustic music. Currently my goals are to continue writing, recording, pitching my music to anyone that will listen. If you need songs for a project I have plenty for you, just ask! Thanks for getting this far in my bio!!! lol Have a great day and be nice!!!"


Solid rock, solid liberty, freedom loving guys. From the bio: "I am an American who believes in the original plan, personal and financial freedom. Without these two things, we have no liberty, and no power. In my life I have seen these liberties shrink from their former stature. Politicians will always try to gain power, but, the really scary thing today , is that many people agree with the ridiculous notion that Capitalism is the problem. Capitalism is financial freedom! But, it is not a spectators sport, if you don't participate, we all lose. And the rest of us pay for your welfare, or unemployment, or health care. The latter is a growing group, encouraged by the Obama administration. That means the rest of us are shrinking, and paying more in taxes and goods. Empower yourselves, learn, push back...and listen to Chloesopensocket!"
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