10 Tools for checking out what your competitors are doing online

October 13, 2014
The online world is huge and diversified, and it is not always easy to keep up with what your competitors are doing.

Here are 10 tools that I find to be very helpful in terms of competitors research and as marketing ideas generators.
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Where do they place their ads?

Find out where your competitors are placing their ads in the display network, both for mobile & display. Starting at $150/mo.

Find out the mix of ads

What mix of ads competitors & other companies in your industry display around the net and on mobile apps.

Keywords, traffic sources & more

Get great ideas from the ultimate tool for keywords, both organic & paid. Positioning, long tails, ranks & more. Just enter your competitor URL to their system and get a full report of what they are doing online. Starting at $69.95/mo.

All you need for SEO

External links, referrals, cites & more. Majesticseo offers a free plan! Their paid plans start with $49.99

Great free tool for online mentions

Set up an alert to receive a daily newsletter of where you and your competitors are mentioned online: blogs, videos, news & more.

Search tweets since 2006

Tweet search & compare brands, trends, keywords & websites.

The leading ranking website

A great tool for benchmark research; find out the ranking of companies from your industry, their traffic sources & who you should consider as a competitor.

Free Social Media Search Engine

Online buzz searcher- Sentiment, Users, Domains/Links, PostsTypes, Keywords and popularity. Visual detailed report of your and your competitors actions in social media.

Free tool from hubspot

This tool provides you with a grade for how well you are doing online (and your competitors) in terms of Blogging, SEO, Social Media, Lead Generation & Mobile. After entering your URL you not only get a grade but you also receive suggestions on how to improve yourself.

Sign up and follow your competitors

Signup to their newsletter, follow them in their social media channels, use their RSS reader & more.
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10 Tools for checking out what your competitors are doing online
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