Cajons and other Drums

March 04, 2016
Cajons and other Drums
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Cajon and other drums

The Best Cajon of 2016: The Definitve Guide

Drum Miking: How to plus Reviews

You need to mic your drums. Better be prepared for it!

How to Find the Best Drum Sets for Kids

Cajon Bag: Purchase it Today

Brazilian Drums - Types Overview

Interested in other native instruments? Meet the Brazilian Drums!

Bata Drums - Cajon Guide

We are continuing our journey - next step: Bata Drums

Caribbean drums - Cajon Guide

When you hear Caribbean I bet positive vibes hit your body!

African Drums

When there is a African Drum, you bet it's gonna be fun!

Traps Drums

Let's take a look, at these strange beasts! I present you Traps!

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Cajons and other Drums
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