The Best of Mobile World Conf #MWC14

February 26, 2014
We collect and bring you the Best of Mobile World Conference clips & tweets #MWC14 live updates
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juloot gamification

Mobile World Congress 2014 state of the industry short film

Why Mobile Matter?

@MWC_Barcelona Discover Barcelona with the Mobile Ready

Discover Barcelona with the Mobile Ready BCN App, launched by Mobile World Capital Barcelona. Visit for more info and app download.

Mobile world capital barcelona presents ‘mobile ready'

cool webdesign and app. Enjoy Barca!

MWC 2014 Keynote Speakers

It's #MWC2014 showtime! Enjoy

We collect and bring you the Best of Mobile World Conference #MWC2014 vines update. Sit Back and Enjoy!

Mark Zuckerberg reveals what's next after WhatsApp

What's next after WhatsApp? via @Amdocs ' Jeff Barak blogs live from #MWC14

Samsung Galaxy Gear Fit

Samsung Galaxy S5 announced

bring it on!

pay with PayPal App using your Samsung Gear 2

Show me the Samsung!

Gamification apps experts could be your next enterprise solution partners #MWC14


Deepen engagement and boost loyalty with #SAP Shopper Experience

SoLoMo Gamification design is an art

AR Sneakers

AR app Shining Sneakers!

cool touch screen effect

Bro, This is a big smartphone!

This measures your hart rate

MasterCard @MasterCardNews reating the Operating System of Digital Commerce

@WSJD Nokia has launched 3 new Android smartphones.

Nokia, Android, Huha!!!

Lot's of buzz words

bring the hammer !-)

What developers do when gathered without supervision


@SYMCmobility The Symantec #mwc14 Spanish happy hour


‏@ATTpolicyintl the AT&T Drive Studio #connectedcar

After Symantec #mwc14 Spanish happy, Do not drive! take the metro

my Galaxy S5 vs Nexus 5 at #MWC14 What one get's your money ?

pay with paypal !-)

@Ogilvydo Mobile World Congress - Day 1 Recap

nice recap and insights

@CAinc execs introduce industry's first management cloud for mobility

@Plantronics new BackBeat Fit Stereo Bluetooth Headset


'The Internet of things' is getting closer #MWC14

‏@ericsson Connected Paper

Connect to engage!

Mobile World #MWC14 Trivia Challenge


and the Winner of best smartphone award at #MWC14 is

htc one

@Citymapper winner of Gsma overall mobile app of the year!


@Wibbitz The winner for Best Mobile Publishing Product or Service for Text-To-Video Technology #GMA14

congrats! more cool stuff from the StartUp Nation!

PointGrab’s hand gesture camera app CamMe wins “Most Innovative Mobile App” at MWC 2014

Let's take a Selfie !

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