Momtrepreneurs That Inspire Me

Being an entrepreneur is hard. Being a mom is also hard.. How about both at the same time? Definitely hard, but doable! Here are some of those who did it, and survived to speak about it :)
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Yael Kochman

Kathy Savitt - / Yahoo

@ksavitt Before she became the chief marketing officer of Yahoo, Kathy Savitt was very involved in the world of entrepreneurship. Her first company, a marketing communications firm called MWW/Savitt, helped launch more than 100 startups, and in 2009, she went on to found fashion and beauty photo-sharing website

Kaltura's Michal Tsur On Female Leadership In The Tech Industry

Michal Tsur was totally unaware of any gender dynamics when she started her entrepreneurial career - I wonder if that might have been one of the reasons for her success.

Reem Younis leads GPS for brain surgeons

Incredible story about love and world change.

Inspirational advice from 5 unstoppable mom entrepreneurs

When human cloning becomes legal it may become easier.. but until then, here are some great pieces of advice from 5 Momtrepreneurs.

Sophia Amoruso - A rising business star

Not sure if she is a Mom, but this one of the female entrepreneurs who inspired me most as I was building my own fashion startup. What she has done on her own self is incredible to me.

5 Reasons Why Moms Make Great Entrepreneurs

Top 5 skills I learned since having my first child that have helped me become an entrepreneur. * Was posted also on women2.0 and ProjectEve
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Momtrepreneurs That Inspire Me
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