Postcards from Israel

March 22, 2015
Israel just isn't what you expect.
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Postcard from Rosh Pina

Postcard from Sarona in Tel Aviv

Postcard from Acco

The World Heritage Site northern port of Acre (Akko) is saturated with history, archaeology and modern amenities such as fine dining.

Postcard from Alexander Stream

You may never have heard of the Alexander Stream, a nature reserve along Israel's Mediterranean shore, but it's one of the most beautiful rivers in the country and is famous for its huge turtles.

Postcard from Tzfat

A visual tour of the ancient city of Safed (Tsfat).

Postcard from Habima, Tel Aviv

It's cool, relaxed and casual - Habima Square draws people from all over Tel Aviv.

Postcard from Mishkenot Sha'ananim, Jerusalem

Postcard from the Dead Sea

Slap on the mud, wander down to the sea - you're in for an experience you'll never forget.

Postcard from Tel Aviv port

Dine al fresco, stroll, bike or blade along the boardwalk, follow the movement of the boats on the sea, cast a fishing line, shop till you drop or just people-watch -- the choices for leisure and recreation at the Port of Tel Aviv are practically endless.

Friday morning at Levinsky market, Tel Aviv

Food, spices, cheeses, bakeries - it's all there in Tel Aviv's popular Levinsky market.

Postcard from Dizengoff Street, Tel Aviv

It's the place to see and be seen. One of the hippest shopping streets in Israel, it's a great street to wander on a bright, sunny day.

Emek Refaim, Jerusalem

The street where Jerusalemites come to play.
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