8 unexpected things to do in Israel in Spring

February 02, 2015
The weather is becoming gorgeous, nature is blooming, and there's so much to see and do. Celebrate Spring in Israel with one of our top suggestions!
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Go bird-watching

At least 500 million birds of 200 different species fly across Israel each spring and autumn en route to and from Africa, Europe and Asia. Take part in a Bird Festival or visit one of the fueling stops.

Watch the Negev desert turn red

Every Spring, Israel's desert is abloom with wild anemones.

Check out Israel's incredible spring flowers

Right now is the peak season for Israel’s brilliant wildflowers.

Take a hike...

Spring is the best time to enjoy Israel’s spectacular landscape of deserts, forests, cliffs and river beds.

Celebrate Israel's most unusual trees

An Israeli specialist in ancient trees shares with ISRAEL21c his top 10 list of the most outstanding trees to visit, from north to south.

Enjoy the hottest place on earth while it's still cool

It’s one of the hottest places to live on earth, one of Israel’s oldest cities, and Beit She’an also boasts a vast national park of archeology. Just make sure you visit before the summer.

Get fit for summer, for free

Where to hike, bike, run, skate, swim, dance and enjoy other athletic activities without spending a shekel.

Stroll through a perfectly manicured public garden

Spring is the perfect time to put on your walking shoes and enjoy Israel's colorful public gardens.
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