The Junction - Wave 10

February 12, 2014
20 entrepreneurs, 8 teams, 3.5 months.
Here is the result. Check out the startups of Wave 10 at The Junction
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The Junction


Smart photo management as a service


Shoptimal is a platform that optimizes a brands social presence, thus increasing brand awareness and purchases. While the shopper is in store (physically) he scans a designated barcode for the store or a barcode of a specific product. If the shopper is not at the store he can enter our website and go to the store's dedicated area. Our platform generates a pre-edited advertisement (in the form of a post) that the shopper posts on his social network page, and immediately gets a discount verification (back in the platform) for the current purchase.


Aroundish is a location based, personalized market place for home made dishes of food. Aroundish enables you to see who's cooking what around you and order it with a click.

Homage - Unleash your star qualities

Homage is a mobile platform that will make anyone a video Star. With Homage any location is a movie studio.


Neema is a financial services company that offers a mobile bitcoin wallet. By providing the option to index bitcoins to the US Dollar, the wallet allows bitcoin holders to protect their funds from volatility and provides an easy and cost effective way to transfer money across borders. Neema is in process of being granted regulatory approval as a financial institution by the German Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (The BaFin).

NooBaa - Connecting The Dots

NooBaa is the media crowd cloud. Users create and consume huge amounts of media. This data most often than not ends up on a personal computer. In an era of connected devices and the personal cloud, NooBaa takes the computer to the cloud. Using a shared economy model, the media is safe, accessible and easily sharable with your social circle.


Take&Make makes the Do-It-Yourself (DIY) crafting experience simple and fun. We offer an online platform for DIY workshops in the convenience of the users' homes. The workshops include a kit with all the required craft materials along with online video tutorials by youtube's leading DIY stars with million of views and followers.

Citymize - Shop like a local, with a local

Citymize is an international marketplace that brings local fashion and shopping Savvies together with like-minded tourists for mutual shopping experience. Never shop like a tourist again!


Vootera is a Crowdfunding platform For Charities
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