Agile - Slack time – You can’t be productive without it.

August 29, 2013
Slack is a wonderful tool. It helps you meet your commitments and gives you time to perform important, non-urgent tasks that improve your productivity.
Be careful, though. Although slack is a wonderful way to handle transitory problems, it can also disguise systemic problems. If you rely on slack to finish your stories in every iteration, that time isn't really slack—it's required.
"The Art of Agile Development: Slack"
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Shirly Ronen-Harel

The Art of AgileSM James Shore

What is it? How to Introduce Slack? what about Dedicated research time, Paying down technical debt and more...

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Utilizing all the resources at 100% makes the process good »,which is definitely wrong... And kiezen

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Cutting Slack in Scrum


The Art of AgileSM James Shore

Professionals do their best, most productive work when they're energized and motivated. Combine quality time away with focused attention while at work.

Stefan Haas: Slack is a Culture Shock


Slack as inovation and motivation tool

[Slack to the Rescue] Harder Than It Sounds » Agile Trail

Exploration Days

Many organizations struggle with self-education of employees. A very effective way to make learning enjoyable is for people to organize exploration days. Sometimes called hackathons, or ShipIt days, these days are meant to invite employees to learn and develop themselves by running experiments and exploring new ideas, in dedicated timeboxes of 24 hours.
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Agile - Slack time – You can’t be productive without it.
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