Content Marketing Trends 2014

Content Marketing started out as a part of SEO, but in the past two years is getting it's own dignified place as a key strategy for maketers.
Here are the numbers, trends and predictions you need to take into account when planning your strategy for 2014.
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The Continued Rise of Content Marketing

Marketers have seen the value of good content over the past two years and Google has helped the content marketing trend by only ranking links containing high-quality, original content. The trick is to combine content marketing with other form of online marketing, such as SEO and PPC, and to track it with analytic tools. Oh, and lets not forget mobile.!sG82r

The Content Marketing Forecast: 10 Predictions for 2014

B2B Marketers are Getting Better at Content Marketing - Sut Still Face Challenges

93% of most effective B2B content marketers cite Lead Generation as a goal. Other goals are brand awareness and customer aquisition. Main challenges for content marketing are: Lack of time & budget + producing enough ENGAGING content.

2014 B2B Content Marketing Research: Strategy is Key to Effectiveness

The Year of Storytelling

The coming twelve months will bring an age of storytelling like we’ve never seen before. I’m not talking about a simple blog post or YouTube video, but rather ongoing interwoven stories that travel across social, digital and into the real world.

Roojoom - The Ideal Tool for Storytelling On The Web

I'm not just saying this as I'm working for Roojoom, it really is the ideal way to tell a story through content. Roojoom let's you bring together pieces of content in a linear fashion and add your insight to give your reader a guided tour on the web. Try it out - it's free!

Content Marketing Tools: The Ultimate List

Curata presents a great list of content marketing tools, strating with content discovery, and on to analytic tools, email marketing, social media, blogging, distribution and promotion. Although it is not a complete list, it is very comprehenssive and very well organized.

B2B Marketing in 2014: Content + Technology

A new wave of Israeli marketing technology startups are helping CMOs get more bang for their digital buck. In 2014, those bucks will flow toward content marketing, social media lead-gen and analytics tools.
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Content Marketing Trends 2014
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