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April 11, 2016
Many times I find myself looking for board’s example to show new scrum teams. We also understand that each team board is very unique and reflects the specific team needs, personas, product and workflow. There are so many ways to design a scrum board (even if it’s not by the book or taking a bit from Kanban and other methodologies). So I have collected few common examples that I usually use as an example I come to implement and coach for scrum.
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Shirly Ronen-Harel

Transparency reduces risk in software development projects

Why is transparency important? Transparency enables us to make good decisions. A simple example is the Scrum task-board. The board shows, to anyone who walks past, what’s being worked on this sprint, what’s complete, what’s in progress and what remains to be started. The board in this post has done and finish stickies in the user story level. we can easily follow tasks status and understand the entire user story status as well.

Detailed task board with burn chart , topics, tasks and progress visability

XP Days Benelux 2007-Agile In Government

Board with Tags, keys...

A Year of Whiteboard Evolution

cPrime Scrum Board

Sample Scrum Board


With priority

You’re So Agile! Implementing Agile… in a Sales Team?

Sales task board , tasks with effort.

The ScrumBoard Cheat Sheet -

Scrum Board, Online Scrum Task Board

Using Agile/scrum for succesful projects - ICT Blog

scrum board2


“defect scrum board”

scrum of scrums

high level impediments board

Visual Management Blog · Information radiators

Scrum board

Another one

Release board


Grooming Board


Eliminate waste board


Sprint planning Board

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