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January 13, 2014
Welcome to NoCamels' "Eating Right" magazine. From fruits that reduce cholesterol to veggies that lead to weight loss, discover all our healthy food stories here!
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Study Shows Pomegranate Reduces Cholesterol And Prevents Heart Disease

A symbol of righteousness in Judaism, the pomegranate can now boast of another virtue – preventing heart disease. A recent study in Israel has shown that pomegranates significantly reduce the risk of heart disease caused by high cholesterol.

Israeli Dates Protect Against Cardiovascular Disease, Study Shows

For 5,000 years, dates have been considered part of a healthy diet. A recent study from Israel examined the nine varieties growing in the holy land and showed that the sweet fruit is good for your heart and liver.

Study: Mediterranean And Low-Carb Diets Have Long-Lasting Health Benefits

Dieting today may still positively affect your health years from now. That's what a recent study conducted by Ben Gurion University has shown. Even if some weight has been regained, the benefits of diets like the Mediterranean or low-carb diet can last years.

Surprise! Eating Fatty Foods May Actually Lead To Weight Loss

Researchers at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem have discovered that foods high in fat, when consumed in a scheduled manner, actually lead to weight loss. Moreover, the diet examined led to a unique metabolism that caused the body to convert fat into energy - rather than store it.

Truth Or Myth? Everything You Need To Know About Honey For Rosh Hashanah

Tomorrow is the Jewish New Year – Rosh Hashanah – and many Jewish families worldwide will eat the traditional apple with honey. But how much of what you know about the sweet syrup and its supposed health benefits is true? We have all the information for you.

Study: Women Should Time Their Meals To Reduce Chances Of Infertility

Eating right can do wonders for your health and now a study shows that it's not just what you eat, but when you eat it. The Tel Aviv University study says that women who are less fertile due to PCOS can increase their fertility by timing their meals.

Wait, What? Eating Carbs At Night Could Benefit Obese People

A study conducted at the Hebrew University found that eating carbs at dinner, while avoiding them the rest of the day, is actually beneficial for obese and diabetic people. The idea came from studies on Muslims during Ramadan, when they fast during the day and eat high-carb meals at night.

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