Dialogue Mapping - Another Fine Collaborative Tool

January 10, 2015
“Dialogue Mapping is a radically inclusive facilitation process that creates a diagram or ‘maps' that during the discussion in a meeting, captures participants' comments as a meeting conversation unfolds. Dialogue Mapping creates forward progress in situations that have been stuck; it clears the way for robust decisions that last. It is effective because it works with the non-linear way humans really think, communicate, and make decisions…”
In this Roojoom will cover the technique a long with some examples and real “how-to’s”.
Enjoy :)
Image source: http://mcgeesmusings.net/2009/03/12/tools-for-tackling-wicked-problems-review-of-jeff-conklins-dialogue-mapping/
Shirly Ronen-Harel

What is a Dialogue Mapping?


‪Limits of Conversational Structure‬‏ - YouTube

This 4 minute semi-animation by Jeff Conklin illustrates why sequential conversational structure is inadequate for complex issues. For more, see http://cognexus.org

The myth of rational decision making

Eight to Late Archive for the ‘Dialogue Mapping’ Category Improving decision-making in projects (and life) with 4 comments Note: This post is based on a presentation that I gave at BA World Sydney on 26th June. It draws from a number of posts that I have written over the last few years. Introduction – the myth of rational decision making A central myth about decision making in organisations is that it is a rational process. The qualifier rational refers to decision-making methods that are based on the following broad steps: Identify available options. Develop criteria for rating options. Rate options according to criteria developed. Select the top-ranked option. The truth is that decision making in organisations generally does not follow such a process. As I have pointed out in this post (which is based on this article by Tim van Gelder) decisions are often based on a mix of informal reasoning, personal beliefs and even leaps of faith. .

The Dialogue Mapping Experience

One of the first things we do in our training workshops is to have a demonstration Dialogue Mapping session. We pick a nice wicked problem like reducing violence in schools or ending world hunger and I facilitate and Dialogue Map the class’s discussion on the topic for 10 or 15 minutes. This lets everyone directly experience what the “target” is in terms of what the Dialogue Mapper is doing and what it feels like to be a participant in such a session. It gets us out of conceptualizing about design and into the concrete reality of people trying to talk to each other about a messy but important topic. This chapter is that demo session for you.

‪Dialogue Mapping The Lord Of The Rings with Paul Culmsee & Nick Martin‬‏ - YouTube

This is a ScreenFlow demonstration of Dialogue Mapping in action as Nick Martin and Paul tackle the serious problem of disposing of the ring that rules them all.

Example: Rearchitecting a Software Platform

In February 2002, I had the opportunity to use Dialog Mapping extensively on a large consulting project for TeamSphere Interactive. Despite my lack of experience, I found the technique extremely valuable, and I believe that it significantly influenced the direction and outcome of the project. This paper relates my Dialog Mapping experience at TeamSphere and the lessons learned along the way.

Example: Anti-litter Task Force


Maps maps and more types of maps

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Dialogue Mapping - Another Fine Collaborative Tool
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