Product Manager - Toolbox - Part 1

May 28, 2014
Product management resources I continuously collect on the Web, this is part one look also for part 2
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Rami Ricanati

PlaceIt by Breezi - Generate Product Screenshots in Realistic Environments

A Cool tool that makes your screenshots look really professional

PowToon : Online business presentation software to create free, cool, animated, powerpoint video alternatives

Startup do not have enough budget for professorial landing page movie. This tool is great for do it yourself.


Looks cools site to test your landing page

Usersbox - Online Persona Profiling Tool

great tool to define personas

Olark | Live chat with your customers for sales and support

Boaz from Bizzabo recommended us to use for Live chat. The chat was disabled but they got feedback anyway.

LiveChat | Live Chat Software | Live Support | Live Help

Recommended from Day 1 – even if you operate it yourself. Great for improve conversions, answer customers questions, learning who your website visitors are and what they think about you

YOPmail - Disposable Email Address

While testing different product on the web I needed to generate ad-hoc emails. This tool will help you in this task and also provide an inbox.

75 Startup Tools And Apps

Great resources to use.

Cross Browser Testing Tool. 300+ Browsers, Mobile, Real IE.

It is very frustrated to test your product in various platforms, browsers, screen size etc especially in a start-up where there are no QA resources. This website will answer this need.
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Product Manager - Toolbox - Part 1
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