Last minute Halloween costume ideas

October 30, 2013
So it's Halloween tonight and you still haven't got a costume. Or you just decided it's cool to dress up. Whatever it is, I've got you covered with these last minute costume ideas!
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Adina Katz

The Roy Lichtenstein "Oh Jeff..." Costume Tutorial

This costume looks so creative, and you'll see that you probably have most of the items in your house!

Gum on the Bottom of a Shoe Costume

You're guaranteed to win wittiest costume AND all you need is pink garb and a shoe!

The Very Best Last-Minute Costume Idea: Bag of Jelly Beans!

For all with a sweet tooth- this costume is SO easy and so cute!

Cool Couple Costume: “Guess Who” We Were for Halloween?

Feeling nostalgic? This "Guess Who" costume is easy and sure to be in the top creative costumes!

Tourist costume

A fanny pack, Hawaiian shirt and a map and you're pretty much set. I once did this and was offered directions way too many times!

Rosie the Riveter costume

Feel like showing off your feminist side? Dress up as Rosie the Riveter! Easy peasy!

Where's Waldo? Costume

And oldie but goodie: Where's Waldo!
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Last minute Halloween costume ideas
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