10 ways to improve your SaaS pricing page presentation

November 04, 2015
Pricing is extremely important. Is anyone reading this needs convincing?
A robust end to end pricing practice normally includes 3 key parts:
1. Price setting – setting the pricing model, price points and packages
2. Price execution – setting processes, sales and channels control
3. Price presentation – influencing customers to purchase (more)
This roojoom is dedicated to price presentation, specifically for SaaS companies, but most of these principals are universal
Sagy Gulianka

Recommend – Most popular

Well, no guide will be complete without this common practice. Recommend your customers about the most popular plan. Make sure it's your sweet point and that you provide plenty of value with this option. Please scroll down to find the prices

Simple, simple simple

Need I say more? Simple = Dropbox = Amazing success

Make it even simpler

OK, so now your customer is looking at your pricing page…and looking…and looking. Quickly, what should you do? He/she is about to leave your page (perhaps forever). If you wait at this page for about a minute you will get a pop-up with a simpler version of the pricing…If not, just send me an email to sagy@tmsight.com and I will send you the screenshots

Make it easy if simple is not possible

Your product has many features and value drivers. You can't keep it simple and still monetize the full opportunity. Perhaps you should consider being playful about it and make it very easy and fun to select. Can pricing be fun? I say hell yes.

Pricing plans names. Is it meaningful? fun? or boring?

Best names help customers to identify themselves. It's not always easy and you shouldn't force it. Are you tired of the alternative, basic – gold – platinum and other metals options? Just try to be a little bit creative about it. It will help you to stand out from the competition. This site provides both: creative names and "great for" guiding

Pricing page design, last chance to demonstrate quality

You are a great company; you provide high quality, great value and excellent user experience. Don't create any dissonance by presenting your pricing in a lame manner. Make it look like you care about each and every detail and that you save no effort to provide the best value and experience possible.

Pricing across value drivers

This is actually about price setting... The simple instruction is to find the main value driver (possibly 2, but keep it simple). It means, the more the customers use it, the greater the value they receive. There are some common value drivers that are mutual to many companies such as storage. Other drivers may be unique and only relevant to a particular type of solutions, like in this example – "saved searches". Please note the actual prices. The price discrepancies are getting higher as customers climb up the value ladder. This is a good strategy for sticky products with significant substitution pain. This structure provides a low entry point and yet decent monetization of the high usage customers. * First tier was dropped in November 2013, now having only 3 tiers without a low entry point

Present annual options first to reduce facial prices

Facial prices determine your price perception. Take advantage of any opportunity to present the lower prices (numbers) possible. Annual offers are the most common way to provide discounts. You should leverage it (presentation wise) to improve your conversions.

Left to right or right to left

Have you seen the latest trend in pricing presentation? Right to left is becoming more common and I received constant feedback that it provides better results comparing to left to right. The reason is the anchoring effect. If your customers' eyes catch the higher price first, they will have a tendency to select a higher value option. A word of caution, some languages are written "right to left" so the eye is trained to look at the right side first meaning "left to right" might be better.

Freemium, but don't show free

Free is a double edged sword. It will attract more customers, but will get many customers stuck in the "free" mud. More and more companies are using the Freemium model but without presenting the free option alongside the premium options. The reason is a simple one, better conversion rates are achieved that way. The mechanism is: avoiding direct comparisons between free and premium, yields less resistance to upgrade.

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