Panorama - Units 2-3-4

March 06, 2018
6th Grade ESL
Tania Dadoun

Robin Hood

Panorama p. 66-69 Learn the new words and read the story Panorama Practice Book p. 36-37

A Fairy Tale - Hansel & Gretel

Panorama Book p. 73-78 Panorama Practice Book p. 39 - 40 #4

Past Simple Prezi

What are the 2 verb groups? How are they different?

Past Simple - To Be

Panorama Book p. 79-80 Panorama Practice Book p. 40 #1 - p. 42 #4 (Red) Grammar Book p. 99-101

Past Simple - All other verbs (Regular)

Affirmative (positive) Sentences [+] Panorama Book p. 81-83 Panorama Practice Book p. 42-43 Grammar p. 102-104 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Negative Sentences [-] and Questions [?] Panorama Book p. 90-91 Panorama Practice Book p. 46-47

Past Simple Irregular verbs

Learn the past simple verbs by category Panorama Book p. 106-109 Panorama Practice Book p. 59-60 Grammar p. 105-118 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Panorama p. 200 or Grammar p. 177



Family Trip

Tell your group about a family trip. Take turns asking questions. After one student finishes telling about his / her trip, listen to the next group member (remember to take turns asking the questions). When you finish telling the stories, write down the answers about your trip. Please use complete sentences!!! Try to write it as a story.

Answers to the Grammar Book Assignments

Check your answers Red Grammar Book Unit 8 - the Past Simple p. 99-118 (The beginning is highlighted)
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Panorama - Units 2-3-4
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