Anne Frank -
A Collaborative Project

October 21, 2017
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Sources of Information


Anne Frank - Google Arts & Culture

Anne Frank : Her life, her diary, her legacy

Anne Frank Timeline!/en/Subsites/Timeline/

Internet Ethics - Information Security Awareness

BBC - Primary History - World War 2

Watch the short movie to make a timeline


Knowledge -Make a Timeline - Activity #1

Write your name,class and country

Application - Activity #2 -Create a map of the places Anne Frank spent her childhood..


Comprehension- Watch the movie about Anne's Secret Annex to describe Anne's relationships.

Synthesis -Activity #7 -Write a diary entry.

Write a diary entry to Anne Frank to present your view about her life.

Comprehension - Activity #3 Describe Anne's relationships.

After watching Anne's Secret Annex Choose one of the following: 1)Describe the relationship between Anne and her sister Morgot . 2) Describe the relationship between Anne and her father. 3) Describe the relationship between Anne and Peter. You can read the following excerpts (קטעים) from Anne Frank Diary to help you. Click Ctrl F to look for a key word in the text. For example:Peter Double click anywhere on this webpage to add your description.

Application- Activity #4 -Group by Characteristics.

Describe Anne Frank characteristics.

Analysis -Asking Questions -Activity #5


Synthesis - How do you think Anne Frank felt when she wrote this sentence?Activity #6

Evaluation-Anne Frank Project- Reflection

Participating Countries

Add the flag of your country.. Thank you for taking part in our project!

Anne Frank Girl Friend

We had a Skype conversation with Anne girl friend Hanna Pick in 2016.

The Museum of Toleramnce

Los Angeles
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