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Sources of Information


BBC - Primary History - World War 2

Find information about the second World War.

Anne Frank - Google Arts & Culture

Anne Frank : Her life, her diary, her legacy

Knowledge- Watch the movie about Anne Frank to make a timeline.

Choose five main events.

Knowledge -Make a Timeline - Activity #1

Write your name,class and country

Application - Activity #2 -Create a map of the places Anne Frank spent her childhood..


Comprehension- Watch the movie about Anne's Secret Annex to describe Anne's relationships.

Comprehension - Activity #3 Describe Anne's relationships.

Describe in your own words Anne's relationship with her father , her sister Margot or with er friend Peter.

Application- Activity #4 -Group by Characteristics.

Describe Anne Frank characteristics.

Analysis -Asking Questions -Activity #5


Synthesis - How do you think Anne Frank felt when she wrote this sentence?Activity #6

Synthesis -Activity #7 -Write a diary entry.

Write a diary entry to Anne Frank to present your view about her life.

Evaluation-Anne Frank Project- Reflection

Participating Countries

Add the flag of your country.. Thank you for taking part in our project!

The Museum of Tolerance

Anne Frank Girl Friend
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