Homemade condiments: it can be done!

February 11, 2014
Whether it's for health, finance, creativity- these condiments can be made at HOME!
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Adina Katz

Homemade Cream Cheese

Time consuming? A bit...but homemade cream cheese is SO much better.

Sweet and Spicy Ketchup

Love Heinz but don't want (or need) the corn syrup? Try out this recipe!

Homemade yellow mustard

nom nom nom

Garlic Mayonnaise

While the store bought mayo is a cheap and convenient option, this homemade mayo creation is packed with protein and good fats, and tastes incredible!

Easy Ranch Dressing

Typically, commercial ranch dressings are filled with many chemicals- you'll notice if you read the ingredient list. These dressings often contain soybean oil, artificial food dyes, and monosodium glutamate (MSG). This easy ranch dressing has has the creamy texture and same type of flavor as your favorite ranch dressing!

The Best Fresh Tomato Salsa

Ready in just twenty minutes and easy to make, this salsa is delicious. Now grab yourself a bowl of tortilla chips and dip in!

Made From Scratch: Thai Sweet Chilli Sauce in 20 Minutes!

Sweet Chilli Sauce goes well with practically anything. Except chocolate cake. Though I might have to make an exception just to make an excuse to eat this deliciousness...
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Homemade condiments: it can be done!
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