Pearl Jam - From Ten to Lightning Bolt

February 12, 2014
22 years after the release of their first album, Ten, we're waiting to listen to Lightning Bolt, their tenth studio album. But regardless you're a fan or just a newcomer, this track will give you all the information you need about this great band, besides great music and some stuff that for sure you still don't know
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Mother Love Bone - The Genesis

Between 1988 and 1990 this band was one of the biggest of the nascent grunge scene of Seattle. But then his frontman, Andrew Wood, died just a few days before releasing their first album. Stone Gossard (Pearl Jam's guitar) and Jeff Ament (bass) were part of this band, the very genesis of Pearl Jam. Here you have a video of them playing Mr. Danny Boy

Ten - the success just around the corner

After the tragedy, Jack Irons passed the Stone Gossard's demo to a guy that played basketball with him and worked at a gas station, Eddie Vedder. He put some dark lyrics into that fantastic music and some months later, Ten, one of the greatest and most succesful debut albums in rock history, came alive. Here you have an article of Rolling Stone back in the '93 about how Ten was made

MTV Unplugged - An early recognition

Just one year after the release of Ten, MTV invited Pearl Jam to perform an unplugged show. They were one of the first bands invited to this magnificient series of concerts. Do you want to watch it? Here you have the entire concert

Vs, Vitalogy and the war against everyone

Pearl Jam had the challenge to release an album as good as Ten. They actually released two great albums in the next two years: Vs and Vitalogy. But they also had enough time to fight against everyone. They refused to make further music videos and give interviews. They even started a lawsuit against Ticketmaster, company that was adding a service charge to the tickets. That cost to them lots of difficulties to perform live shows. You can read this article about what Rolling Stone called the "Rock & Roll Holy War"

No Code and Yield - It's Evolution, Baby

In 1996 they released No Code, an album that couldn't succeed so much because of the short amount of concerts they could perform and because of the experimental sound in relation to the previous albums. But in 1998 Yield was released. It was a coming back to the origins, but they also made their first music video since 1992, Do The Evolution, with animations made by Todd McFarlane. A really amazing song and a fantastic video. Watch it here

The Pearl Jam Bootlegs

During Binaural's Tour Pearl Jam started to record all of its shows. That was because they noted that the fans wanted to have a copy of the concerts they attended. That's how the Official Bootlegs were born. In this website you can listen to some of the unofficial ones, since 1990 until 2012

Pearl Jam in Friends?

Yeap...the first Pearl Jam song in television was in the last episode of the TV show Friends. A small snippet of Yellow Ledbetter is played when Rachel boards the plane. Watch it here

Pearl Jam Album - a World Wide Suicide

After Riot Act, Pearl Jam came back to studio after almost 4 years with the album named after themselves. It had very good reviews and it was seen as a return to the band's roots. With an agressive sound, like in the first single, World Wide Suicide. Here you have a review and an interview just when it was released

Pearl Jam - Twenty Years

In 2011 was the twentieth anniversary of Pearl Jam. Besides the allusive tour, Cameron Crowe made a film called "Pearl Jam Twenty", a walk through their history. You can watch the entire movie here

Some facts you didn't know about Pearl Jam

No matter how big you think your fanaticism is, there must be some data you don't know about Pearl Jam. Here you have some strange facts for you to check your knowledge

Waiting for Lightning Bolt

A few months ago Pearl Jam announced the release of Lightning Bolt, their new studio album. We'll have it in a couple of weeks, but by now we can listen to its first single, Mind Your Manners. Pure and aggressive Rock & Roll
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