How to reuse old Wood Pallets: Ideas, Designs & Tips

December 17, 2014
Until you start looking for them, You would not believe how many wood pallets are just lying around the street right by your house. These pallets are usually made from strong wood in order to carry heavy weights like construction materials, fruits, goods and basically anything that can come off a truck.
Don't be scared if they look dirty - Sandpaper can clean them fast and easy.
In the following links I will show you the greatest ways the web has to offer for reusing these pallets.
It's Green, Fun, fulfilling and you can make really great, useful things out of it.
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Why Pallets Are Great for DIYing (When You Pick Out the Right Ones)

For start use this guide to know which pallets you should take home with you and what's so great about this material.

▶ How to Dismantle Wood Pallets video guide

You don't have to use the form of the pallet, you can tear it apart and reclaim the wood for building your own designs.

How to work safe with pallets

This wonderful Blog offers some Safety guidelines, Tips and more about working with the pallets.

Tools and Equipment

This site offers the mandatory tools for getting started and some more advanced tools. Obviously good equipment can save you a lot of time and make your end product look better and more professional.

35 Creative Ways To Reuse Wooden Pallets

After we got to know the material and the hardware needed, it's time to see what great results can be accomplished!

DIY plans!

it's easy to find pictures and see what amazing things people make. This site offers plan sheets that will guide you through the project. Not just for pallets but you can specify them on the search.

101 pallets - a great source for more ideas

This site has great ideas, a facebook page and it is frequently updated.
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How to reuse old Wood Pallets: Ideas, Designs & Tips
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