Carles Puyol - World's Best Defender

September 29, 2013
Carles Puyol i Saforcada is FC Barcelona's central defender and captain. His Abilities are amazing and he is a big part of the team's success in the past years. Here is some information about this great soccer player.
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Carles Puyol Bio

Here is the biography of Carles Puyol on the official FC Barcelona website - Where he started his soccer career, his history in FCB and more.

Some Facts About Puyol


Here you can find information about Carles Puyol's stats - goals, games played and more.

Player Profile

What are Carles Puyol's strengths as a player? What are his career's highs and lows? find out here.

Life After Puyol in Barcelona

Unfortunately, Carles Puyol is 35 years old, and his soccer career is drawing to a close. With him being such an important part of FC Barcelona, what will they do without him?

Incredible Amount Of Injuries

Carles Puyol gives 100% percent of himself to the game, which sometimes results in injuries. Here is the incredible list of all his injuries

Puyol In Action

Watch this epic player in action. His tremendous talent and ability bring tears to my eyes.

Official Facebook Page

On this page you can check out constant updates from Puyol, pictures and more.
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