Micronations, or how to create your own country

September 24, 2013
Yes, there are many crazy people in the world. And some of them, through history, have claimed to be recognized as the creators of a sovereign state in a small piece of territory, and even creating currency, flags passports. Come and see some of the most incredible micronations.
Javier Yashan

Republic of Jamtland - 50 years of Independence (?)

A little serious and a little a joke, the Republic of Jamtland has just turned 50 years. Located in the county with the same name, in Swedish, they always promote their cause through an association called The Liberation Movement, and a freedom festival, massive by the way, named Storsjöyran. They have their own language, Jamtlandic, and their own national anthem. Watch here the hilalious entry of The President during the Storsjöyran

Freetown Christiania - A hippie paradise in the middle of the EU

With about 850 residents in the middle of the Danish capital, Copenhagen, its independence was declared more than 40 years ago. Developed as a center for members of the hippie movement, the squatter movement, collectivists and anarchists, it's famous for its open cannabis trade along the Pusher Street. Here you can read this interesting article named "A History of Cash and Hash"

The Aerican Empire - Looking for a place in the world (or outside)

Described by The New York Times as "one of the more imaginative sites", its territory includes a square kilometer in Australia, a house-sized area in Montreal, Canada, a colony in Mars and the northern hemisphere of Pluto, besides of an imaginary planet. Watch its official website with an incredible amount of information about the Aerican Empire

Molossia - The State that is still in war with East Germany

Located in the house of the President, Kevin Baugh, in Nevada, the Republic of Molossia, was founded in 1999. It was the proud first state to recognize the Republic of Kosovo, It has a National Assembly, but due to the war with East Germany there's a martial law that allows the president to exercise all powers. By the way, the war started in 1983, 16 years before Molossia was created. Here an interesting article about Molossia in The Chicago Tribune

Principality of Sealand - A small nation with a big history

Located in a sea fort, 13 kilometers from the british coast, it was taken by his founder, Paddy Roy Bates, in 1967, and established as a nation in 1975. A british court said that the UK has no jurisdiction on it, they suffered an attempt of coup d'etat in 1978 and even Germany sent a diplomat They even have a national football team. Watch here an interview with who was then the Prince, now the king, of Sealand.

The Principality of Seborga - Be careful of his only soldier

Based on some documents, His Tremendousness, Giorgio I, Prince of Seborga, claimed in 1965 the independence of this italian territory of 15 km². With 312 Seborgans, they are protected by an army composed by...1 soldier. Do you want to read their news? Here you have The Seborga Times.

The Gay and Lesbian Kingdom of The Coral Sea Islands

In 2004 a group of gay rights activists declared the foundation of this State in some islets near Queensland, Australia, as a protest to the Australian government refusal to acknowledge same-sex marriages. Anyone who declared being gay or lesbian would become inmediately a citizen. Do you want to listen to their national anthem? Be my guests...

Go for the recognition, micronations!!!

Read in this article about the meeting that several micronations' leaders attended in 2010 to discuss how to get international recognition for their countries
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Micronations, or how to create your own country
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