Syrian Civil War through images

September 21, 2013
Everyone speaks and writes about the Syrian Civil War, which it's been happening for the last two years and a half. But it's a very complex situation, and very hard to understand. As reading about it has many points of view, we'll try to do it through videos
Javier Yashan

The Previous History

How did we get to the Civil War? Syria history, like every country history, is extremely long and complex. Through this short video you can get a first idea of what happened before the present Civil War

The Original Protests

As part of the Arab Spring, protests in Syria started at the beginning of 2011. They wanted changes in the policies of the President Bashar Al-Assad. But it turned out more serious...

Establishment of the Free Syrian Army

After the protests and the repression by the government, some former army members decided to establish the Free Syrian Army, announcing it through this video

And the translation

Yes, maybe you don't understand arabic, but we wanted to show you the original video. Here you can read the translation

The Homs Massacre

At the beginning of 2012, the army advanced on Homs, considered as the capitol city of rebels. A big massacre occured there, here you can see a report of the facts

The UN fails

In 2012, Kofi Annan, former UN Secretary-General, was sent to Syria to try to achieve a peace agreement, but he couldn't do it and quitted. Here you can see his last speech

Al-Assad's speech

In January 2013, president Al-Assad gave a speech saying he was opened to a political solution, but without proposing his resignation. Watch here the full speech

Chemical Weapons attack

On August 21st, a chemical weapons attack was released near Damasco. Around 1400 people were killed. Here you can watch the confirmation of this attack by Ban Ki Moon, UN Secretary-General

Obama decides to attack

After the chemical weapons attack, the president of the US, Barack Obama, decided that Syrian Government was responsible for the attack, and that a military action against it was necessary. Here there's an extract of his speech

But Russia didn't agree

Vladimir Putin, President of Russia and Syria's ally, confronted Obama's decision to strike Syria. In this speech you can see why he disagreed

An agreement to avoid the strike

On September 14, Russia and USA announced an agreement to avoid the US strike on Syria, country that is now commited to give up its chemical weapons
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Syrian Civil War through images
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