Friends - Ten Unforgettable Years

October 10, 2013
So far there's no doubt that Friends have become the best sitcom ever. 236 episodes with no low points at all, one joke after another. It has influenced every sitcom made after it. If you never watched Friends, you'll do it after this track. If you did, you'll watch it one more time for sure
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Only for specialists

The Friends Wiki. All the information you could need about the best sitcom ever in one website. Check if you really know everything or become a specialist it you're not yet

Some hilarious quotes

If you're a fan you'll remember every word of these. And you'll agree that creativity in the scripts was endless

I'll be there for you

Who doesn't know the theme song played by The Rembrandts? It was super famous and it reached the first place in many charts. But, have you ever seen the official video? Here it is...

Friends in China

The worldwide impact of Friends was so outstanding that it even reached China. Read the story of the Central Perk in Beijing, one of the coffee shops made exactly like the one in the series

Do you think you know everything about Friends?

So, you're the biggest fan. You've watched so many times all the episodes. You know the scripts, the scenes, all the characters. Prove it!!! Here I give you a very hard quiz...

Lots of laughs!!!

Remember this magic and hilarious moments, if you watched Friends. If you didn't, understand why everybody loves it

Friends will be friends

Do you want to know how it was born? Read this comprehensive article regarding the original idea, the casting and the beginning itself

Strange facts

Which was the original theme song? Which character was supposed to be gay? These and some other strange facts in this post

How you doin'?

So? everyone has to eat. Yes, they didn't start their careers with Friends. Thay worked a little bit before, even when they weren't famous. Here there's a commercial made by Matt Le Blanc...
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Friends - Ten Unforgettable Years
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