Magical Number Seven: 7 Great Manchester United legends

September 15, 2013
The number 7 shirt at Old Trafford has always been saved for those enchanting players, the ones that once they get the ball, something special is bound to happen.
In this track I'd like to list the 7 best players to wear the iconic number seven jersey at the Theatre of Dreams, and spice it up with some videos and statistics that show how great one would have to be to wear the number seven and to be on this list.
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▶ George Best - The Genius

When a United scout laid his eyes upon 15 year old Best he sent a telegram to United's boss Matt Busby which said: "I think I've found you a genius". During his time at United he became famous as one of the best players in the world, winning 2 League titles and 1 European Cup title. Individually, in 1968 he was awarded the Ballon d'Or which is given yearly to the best player in the world.

Eric Cantona: 1992-1997 The Era of King Eric

Eric Cantona signed with United from Leeds FC in 1992 and helped The Reds win their first championship title since 1967. During his 5 years at United the club won 4 Premier League titles.

David Beckham - Video highlights

Once Eric Cantona retired, the number 7 shirt was given to Beckham. His trademark free kicks, his good looks and his amazing passing ability and vision made him a true United legend.

▶ Cristiano Ronaldo

Perhaps the best footballer in the world for the past 10 years. surely he was if it wasn't for Leo Messi. Arriving after Beckham's departure to Real Madrid, Ronaldo got the number 7 shirt and immediately amazed the fans with his tricks, skills and unique attacking abilities.

Bryan Robson - Captain Marvel

Robson Captained both United and the English national squad. what makes him different from all the other players on this list is that he was a Great player on both sides of the field. apart from being a great passer, a good finisher and a creative attacker he could also tackle and defend and was always willing to give everything for the club.

▶ Steve Coppell - Man Utd Magnificent 7

with his pace, trickery, wits and passing abilities coppell was a great number 7. Unfortunately he is the only player on this list not to win a first league title for united as he played in the era after the success with Sir Busby and prior to the arrival of Sir Alex. He did help the team win an FA cup and win promotion back to the first division.

▶ Michael Owen

Michael Owen will go on as a legendary player for his great scoring rate for Liverpool and England but not for his United career. He is on this list because he was the kind of player that deserved to be a number 7, even if he failed to fulfil his potential at Old Trafford. And also, for that one amazing goal he scored on the 96th minute against City.

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Magical Number Seven: 7 Great Manchester United legends
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