Vertical Gardening - Ideas, Examples and Instructions

September 15, 2013
A Vertical Garden is a great addition to any city house/apartment. It can make your house cooler (the plants reduce overall temperatures of the building), It looks good, and it doesn't take as much room as a regular garden.
In this introduction you will find cool examples of Vertical Gardening and some neat DIY ideas for making your own Vertical Garden.
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Some cool Examples of Urban Vertical Gardening

Sadly, these aren't the kind of gardens you can make yourselves at home but they are fun to look at and you could draw some ideas and inspiration from them.

Vertical Garden - Video demonstration

For all you carpenters out there. For starters I would recommend making a much smaller garden.

If you're not much of a constructor, just reuse a wood pallet!

This Garden is much easier to make. You can find wood pallets on the streets (try around supermarkets).

How to Turn a Pallet into a Garden - Instructions

If the video left you confused, you can find much more detailed instructions here.

Vertical gardens save water and space

This website has some great ideas for vertical gardening using repurposed materials.

Window farms - an inspirational video.

Growing food on your apartment window using bottles and pumps.

IKEA - Smart use of bag dispenser as a planter!

Next time you're in Ikea, get this bag dispenser and reuse it as a planter. while you're there, the big blue IKEA bags can also make great planters - just fill them with dirt.
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Vertical Gardening - Ideas, Examples and Instructions
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