Repurpose, Reuse, Recycle - Junk into art and design

February 11, 2014
I strongly believe in a sustainable way of living, We cannot keep draining our planets' resources, and giving back only millions of tons of garbage. These cool ideas are inspiring!
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Anna Belkind

Cork Letter art

Do you like wine? Are you constantly trying to come up with an idea for all the corks you're accumulating? Look no further! You can create art by using corks to create your initials!

Old book shelves

Have any old books that your grandparents left you? Don't throw them out! look at this creative idea!

Old magazines transformed

Roll up your old magazines and create beautiful art from them.

Gentlemans' Lamps

Take old hats and turn them into lights!! Coolest design idea ever!

Bycicle wheel clock

Take your old bycicle and turn it into a chic, industrial style clock!! LOVE IT!!

Wine bottle lamp

Again, for you winos, another recycling idea.
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Repurpose, Reuse, Recycle - Junk into art and design
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