Perfect party finger food menu

September 14, 2013
So I recently threw a house warming party as I moved into my own place. I didn't wanna make a big dinner because of all the fuss and the dishes I had to wash after. Instead, I wanted a finger food party, and spent the whole day looking for recipes on the web. Here are the top ones I found and used, and the party was a great success!!
Anna Belkind

Fried Bocconcini balls

These cute little balls are easy to make and look very impressive! Try them!

Deviled eggs

This classic is always a sure success, and you can be creative with what you put in them. Don't be afraid to change up the recipe a bit, according to your taste.

Thai spring rolls

Thai food is always refreshing and delicious, and most people love it! these little spring rolls can be made vegeterian or with shrimp.

Chicken garlic bites

Mmmmmm.. just YUM!

Prosciutto and mint wrapped artichokes

This fresh dish does not require any cooking, just preparation. Simple and delicous!!!

Tuna sushi sandwiches

This is a great twist on the traditional sushi. It will be tasty even for those who do not like classic sushi. YUM!
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Perfect party finger food menu
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