The Big Lebowski - Cult Film, Fanaticism or Religion?

September 10, 2013
Considered the first cult film of the Internet era, this Coen brothers' great movie has generated inmense fanaticism all over the world. Its main character, The Dude, played by Jeff Bridges, created a philosophy of life followed by millions. Come on in and find out why...
Javier Yashan

The Movie Itself

The first step, or maybe the last one, is to watch the movie, in case you haven't yet. But it's a good start to see the movie's IMDB file. Here you can find some details, such as the full cast, some basic data, ranking, awards, etc...

The Script

Still want to know it a little more before watching it? Already a fan? Here is a treasure every Dude's follower would like to have: The full movie script. Read it, download it, treasure it, cry on it, enjoy it...

The Decade of The Dude

Still don't understand why so much fuss? Maybe this Andy Greene's article on Rolling Stone Magazine will help you. He tries to explain why this phenomenon occured, why The Big Lebowski was "the most worshipped comedy of its generation" and why last decade was dude's decade.

The Mii Lebowski

Do you want to watch a little bit? Some crazy fans made a short video of The Big Lebowski using Nintendo Wii characters.

Shakespeare and The Dude?

Ok, let's increase the fanaticism slowly...Adam Bertocci, a filmmaker, wrote a book named "Two Gentlemen of Lebowski", which is a melding between a Shakespeare story and our film. Do you think that wouldn't work? Well...a play with very good reviews has been performed in New York. Its slogan? "Shakespeare, with balls".

Let's go party!!!

Since 2002, some really big fans started to organize the "Lebowski Fest". it's basically about watching again the movie at the beginning (of course), playing bowling and drinking a few White Russians.

Love it even more?

The next step can be a little strong, if you are not ready enough, so it'll be better if you read first this interesting article that gives 20 facts about the movie that will make you love it even more, if that's possible.

The Dude God

I warned you, this can be too strong... Yes, there is a religion based on The Dude. It´s called Dudeism and, believe it or not, they are more than 150000!!! Visit their website, pray a little bit, read the Manifesto and, why not?, get ordained as a Dudeist priest.

The Dude was a prophet?

There is a point where fanaticism can become madness. Some people believe that The Dude prophesied the 9/11 attacks. Here you can read why...As far as I'm concerned, I'll go to watch the movie one more time, and remember, The Dude abides...
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