Top 6 Coffee places in Amsterdam

November 04, 2013
Amsterdam is known for its beautiful canals, its permissive attitude towards marijuana and prostitution, and in the past it was known for its terrible coffee. Not anymore, These 6 coffee places a must for all you coffee junkies during your visit to this gorgeous city.
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Two for Joy

This coffee place has two branches around the city and will be a great treat for all you sugar addicts. All cakes, cookies and other delicious sweets are freshly made on the spot (The kitchen has no door so feel free to take a look).

Coffee Bru

This place offers one of the best coffee cups in town. Coffee bru is located a bit of the grid but it's a chance for the more curious tourists to see a part of the city which most tourist maps and guides won't lead you to. I suggest you order the Caramel Chocolate brownie alongside your coffee. while you’re at it - take a stroll down the nearby Oosterpark.

Latei - Best cup in the red lights district

I would suggest you rest your eyes from all the lights and sights that this notorious district has to offer. However, this coffee house is everything but easy on the eyes and mind (in a good way!). The walls are packed with items and details and the whole place is decorated and furnished in a very eclectic manner. If you see anything you like, you should know that EVERYTHING is for sale - from the chair you’re seating on to the paintings on the wall. Even the lamps are for sale - just look for a handwritten price tag. Since this list is made for you coffee lovers I feel obligated to say that they make a remarkable cup of coffee here. The food is also excellent, fresh and organic.

Screaming Beans

This coffee house is located in the posh and beautiful 9 Streets district (De 9 Straatjes). Here not only can you enjoy a screaming hot cup of coffee, but you can also learn all about making and serving it in the Screaming Beans academy.

Espressofabriek, Westerpark

Forget about the crowded Vondelpark - the less known Westerpark is the best park to enjoy a (rare) sunny day in Amsterdam at the picnic tables located outside the coffee house which to my understanding use to be a warehouse. They grind the organic, free trade coffee on the top floor - have a sniff around. Barista lessons are also offered.

De Wasserette cafe

Albert Cuyp's market - Amsterdam's famous street market offers a variety of finger foods you can buy and eat while walking. But if sitting and having a great cup of coffee is your cup of tea - this is a great place. Here's an extra tip for you guys - The ice cream parlor next door offers the best cone in Amsterdam and probably one of the best outside Italy.
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