Running for beginners

September 10, 2013
For the past two years, I have been working to strengthen my weak ankles by walking 3-6 miles daily. Recently, I felt my ankles strong enough to begin jogging.

With my concern and worry for my ankles, I am doing everything I can to research running and jogging properly.

So, join me as I figure out the best methods to do so: if I can, you certainly can! :)
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Running Shoes: How to Choose

It's (almost) all in the shoes. High arch? Flat floot? Running shoes? Trail shoes? Know your foot, know your shoe. Though we live in an era where everything can be ordered on the Internet, running shoes are of the few things that you should really go to the store and get sized for. Running shoe professionals can take a look at your feet, observe the way you walk or run to give you the best fit and type of shoe.

Running vs Jogging vs Walking

Do you want to walk? run? jog?

What to Wear

Though wearing technical equipment may seem a bit extravagant, TRUST ME, it makes all the difference. Wearing clothing that is designed for athletes, will allow to you perform your absolute best, despite the weather. This guide allows you to enter your workout and weather info to best advise you in what to wear for your run. Use its advice to buy the proper running gear.


Use this site to find running routes for almost ANYWHERE in the world. I've used this site many times: when I want a new route, when I've moved to a new neighborhood, or when I've gone on vacation to an unfamiliar place.

Proper Running Technique: Running Form Tips and Drills

Running is an activity humans were designed to do—and it's something nearly everyone can enjoy if we allow time and patience for our bodies to adapt to the demands of it But...that doesn't mean that proper running form will come naturally for you. Thus, it is important to take the time to learn proper running form in order to maximize your running performance and experience, as well as avoid injury.

How to Breathe When Running

It is important that you learn how to do proper breathing while running. Though running is dependent on the movements of the legs and arms, breathing techniques are just as significant in contributing to your run.

7-week training schedule for beginners

A routine or schedule is the most important thing in developing a habit. Make yourself a training schedule to stick to this new plan!

How to Run Faster

After some training, you may feel ready to run faster. You know your body best, if you feel ready- chances are you probably are!

Running cheat sheet

It's extremely important to carry yourself a certain way while running- look at this cheat-sheet every day if you must!
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Running for beginners
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